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No Shield From X-Rays: How Science Is Rethinking Lead Aprons

No Shield From X-Rays: How Science Is Rethinking Lead Aprons By Mary Chris Jaklevic JANUARY 15, 2020   CHICAGO — Patients have come to expect a technician to drape their torsos with a heavy lead apron when they get an X-ray, but new thinking among radiologists and medical physicists is upending the decades-old practice of […]

Sugar-free chewing gum may help prevent tooth decay

Suffering from dental problems? Sugar-free chewing gum may help prevent tooth decay PTI|Nov 20, 2019, 06.05 PM IST LONDON: Chewing sugar-free gum may help reduce the deterioration of cavities of the teeth, according to a study which analysed research published over the last 50 years on dental caries. The review, published in the Journal of […]

8 Bad Brushing Habits to Break in 2018!

Keeping Your Toothbrush for Too Long Did you know the average life of a toothbrush is 3-4 months? Make a resolution to change your toothbrush with every season this year. Frayed and broken bristles won’t keep your teeth clean—these are signs it’s time to let go. When you’re shopping, look for one with the ADA Seal […]

6 Tips to Quit Smoking

Step 1: Have a Plan Once you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking and set the date, develop a plan. There are free tools online at and a toll-free number, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, to help you succeed. Download an app to track your progress. Step 2: Don’t Go It Alone It will be easier to quit smoking […]

Halloween Candy: Your Dental Health Survival Guide

With Halloween comes ghosts, goblins and goodies—and the sugar in those treats can play some unwanted tricks on your teeth if you’re not careful.  Here’s why: The bacteria in your mouth are probably more excited to eat Halloween candy than you are. When the bacteria eat the sugar and leftover food in your mouth, a […]

Safe Smiles

                                     Last month, more than 100 Cleveland public high school football players received free, custom-made mouthguards, all because of the Safe Smiles program founded by Dr. Katz and Dr. Coreno in 2015. With grants from the Greater Cleveland Dental Society Foundation and […]

Your Teeth Are Amazing! 5 Fascinating Facts

They help you chew, speak and smile, but how much do you really know about your teeth? Here are some of the “tooth truths” that prove your teeth really are remarkable. 1. People have been caring for their teeth for centuries. Did you know the first toothbrushes were actually twigs our ancestors chewed on, using […]

Elements found in primary teeth correlate with autism spectrum disorder

By Jennifer Garvin Rockville, Md. — Primary teeth from children with autism spectrum disorders contain less of the essential nutrients zinc and manganese and more of the neurotoxin lead compared to those from children without ASD, according to a new study published June 1 in the journal Nature Communications.  In the study, researchers from the Icahn School […]

Summer Smiles!

Summer sun brings summer fun! While warm months are perfect for spending time together, summer vacation can also throw off your usual dental routine. Here are three ways to prevent summertime tooth decay: STAY ON A ROUTINE Whether your kids are staying up to catch fireflies or a fireworks show, resist the temptation to skip […]